About Mariana Santiago

“So who’s Mariana Santiago, anyway?”

I’m an email marketing strategy expert / marketing automation consultant. I work with businesses at inflection points to build email marketing programs that support your long-term goals.

Mariana Santiago is a copywriter.

I’m a copywriter. I focus on finding the perfect brand voice for my clients.

Let’s dive into what that means. The perfect brand voice for your business is the voice that connects with the customers you want to serve on the level upon which your customers want to connect. It’s the voice that speaks the same language that your customers speak; it’s the voice that convinces them that your business is the solution to their problem.

After finding that brand voice, I make sure it’s used evenly across all of your marketing assets – from website copy to white papers to emails, your business’s communication style should remain constant. That’s where I come in.
email strategy expert and marketing automation consultant mariana santiago

Mariana Santiago is an email marketer.

Speaking of email, I’m also an email marketer! I build marketing automations, email workflows, and set up email campaigns for businesses that make the lives of their customers better. I consult on email strategy, implement and execute email marketing programs, and help businesses grow their lists in healthy, ethical ways.

Mariana Santiago is a copywriter AND an email marketer.

This is the interesting part, so buckle up.

I’m both a copywriter and email marketer. I write emails that convert unusually well for my clients (that’s the copywriter part.)

But just as importantly, I can guide you and your business along the path to email marketing nirvana – that is, having an email marketing program in place that consistently supports your business’s goals, both long-term and short-term.

I can take the emails I write for your business, place them into the ESP of your choice for you, and even build an extended email workflow (or several!) for your business – because marketing automation is my jam.

Speaking of marketing automation, I’ve worked with the following ESPs and marketing automation platforms: Klaviyo, Intercom, Zaius, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite, Keap / Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Constant Contact, Lawmatics, and NGPVan…. and quite possibly a few more I’ve forgotten about.

Mariana Santiago has experience and credentials.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have my writing featured in places like the emailexpert blog, Sparkpost’s blog, Funraise’s blog, and several New Orleans-based theatre festivals. 

Recently, Databox CMO and founder of “Some Good Content” John Bonini put me on his Freelance 50 list – a list of fifty freelance writers that, in his own words, he would have hired immediately if he’d had the budget to do so. 

I’m an official Klaviyo Master, which is in fact an actual title bestowed upon people who complete a certain amount of training with Klaviyo’s marketing automation tools and not a strange nickname I decided to give myself. Additionally, I’m Hubspot Email Marketing Certified. 

Before my email education, I received my BA in Comparative Literature from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. 

Having been trained both in the ways of the English language and in the methods of marketing automation, I’ve become a lean, mean, email-ing machine. 

Mariana Santiago is a theatre geek, cat mom, and adventurer.

Beyond being a copywriter and email marketer, I’m a theatre geek – in fact, I’m a copywriter with copyrights (which is a tongue twister of a way of saying I’m a published playwright.)

I own a large orange cat named Tennessee Williams. He’s terribly behaved, but there is nothing he can do to diminish my love for his furry little self.

Most importantly, I’m an adventurer. My partner and I have lived in three states this calendar year alone, but we might settle down soon. Or maybe not. But as long as I have a decent WiFi connection and fingers that can type, I’ll be here for you, your business’s brand voice, and your email marketing program.

Enough about me; let's talk about what I can do for YOU.

Thanks for taking the time to read my About page! I’m honored that you’re curious about who I am and what I do for companies that value smarter email marketing. 

If you’re ready to dig a little deeper and find out exactly how I can help your business build a better email marketing program, consider heading over to my Services page. >>